RICHARD BURMAN is primarily a video cameraman with a fully-equipped HD camera package.
He takes on a variety of shooting assignments with a special interest in documentary storytelling.
He has expanded his skills to include AVID editing, using Adobe software to do animation & graphics (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator), website creation (Dreamweaver), DVD authoring (Encore), book layout (InDesign) and subtitling.

Whatever services you need, his well-rounded background helps him see the BIG picture.
He is based in Montreal: email 514-634-2155
Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC)
- Richard's New(s) and Old -
skater September 2014: I was the DOP on a one day shoot for the non-profit Partenairesanté-Québec to create their powerful new promotional video Do You Know Anyone?. Using only words and music, the video reminds viewers that all of us know someone, or indeed are someone, with critical health issues. It was a good concept and my job was make the visuals powerful enough to complement the script. I got to use my slider which helped bring life to a wall of pictures. Sometimes the seemingly straight forward shoots can be the trickiest. It was produced by Picture This Productions.
MoreThanABox July 2014: Last night was the premiere of In the Key of Claire. I have been working for the last 4 years as the cinematographer for this 52 minute documentary. It is a great story about Claire Duchesneau who is a social worker for refugees with HIV, a singer with a severe hearing impairment, a cancer survivor and a woman of great compassion and enthusiasm. Anne Henderson, the producer/director/editor did a great job bringing this story to life. I am proud of the work I was given to do. The blog post dated July 30 features some of the photos taken that evening.
MoreThanABox November 2013: When I brought the documentary More than a BOX with Windows to Hot Docs in 2012, I had no idea who would take notice. After returning I was contacted by a representative of Films Media Group who said this documentary would be of great interest to the architectural and engineering schools they sell to. We signed a deal and they now distribute the film both as a chaptered DVD and streaming video. It is also cool that the online content is searchable. With this production I became intrigued on how video can be used to make complex concepts easy to understand. Next month I will be at The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers to promote my documentary proposal Agents of the Brain (exploring the connection between hands and the brain). The experience from doing "More than.." should serve me well.
September 2013: If you read the News Item two boxes below you may think I am trying to develop a niche market filming farm animals. I am not really. It just happens that Agribrands Purina wanted some footage shot on the dairy farm Ferme Drapeau & Bélanger which is one of the largest in Québec with over 500 milking cows. It was a fun shoot especially in learning how such a large operation is managed. But farming as a retirement project.. I don't think so (it is a lot of work). Check out some screen grabs by clicking the thumbnail.

July 2013: I certainly knew about Joan Rivers when I got booked for a job at Just for Laughs. I learned a lot more after shooting with her backstage at the gala she was hosting. We did quick interviews with the various comedians who were performing that evening. This is footage she wants to have to use in a future show or on the web. She seems to garner a lot of respect and admiration among the comics. Despite her caustic humour on stage she was quite polite with me and was always making sure I had something to eat. If you click the thumbnail you will see screen grabs from the interviews we conducted. These comedians were all very excited to be peforming at Just for Laughs as well as getting to meet Joan Rivers.
July 2013: You may have thought that Purina only makes pet food. I just completed the forth day of shooting for this company and it turns out they make farm animal food as well. In addition to visiting their factories we did some of the shooting days at horse ranches in Ontario and Québec. Horses are quite beautiful to look at and a joy to film. They can't be told to do an action in exactly the way you want it, but they do give you beautiful images to capture. You just have to pay close attention to know what they will do next. The editing will be completed in September. Meanwhile you can click the thumbnail to see a short gallery of screen grabs. This is being produced by Altimage.
CSM March 2013: This was a fun assignment; doing DOP work for two days in the Concordia Music Department. We shot all the interviews with two cameras. Performances or classes were mostly captured on a separate audio recorder so we had a continuous sound track even if the camera was turned on and off. We got to hear some of the students perform at the Upstairs Jazz Bar. We captured part of a recording session being done in their main concert hall. There were courses in electroacoustic music along with choir and ensembles of varied combinations. There were a number of older students and some of them I knew from amateur groups that I have played in. UPDATE: Concordia has put up the videos we shot on their YouTube Channel. For your interest there is: Music, Jazz Studies & Electroacoustic Studies. These clips were produced by Picture This Productions.
CSM December 2012: This was the busiest shoot day in my life. There were just two of us to capture a concert performance of Handel's Messiah, interviews and Broll for what will became a hour-long documentary. I learned to appreciate the value of Go Pros. We placed two of them in normally inaccessible spots giving us great angles of view. We had one Canon DSLR focused on the soloist and then operated two Sony EX1 cameras. My collegue was on the balcony and I move around where needed. The most satisfying part was being able in the afternoon to do nine interviews by myself. This turned out because I did interviews beforehand on the phone. I knew my questions and what answers to expect. I had a quiet room, a boom mic in place. A DSLR was near me with a tight framing and thus a soft background. My EX1 was off to the side adjusted for a medium shot. I didn't have to change the framing while interviewing. In the future I would really like to do interviews with two cameras whenever possible. Great flexibility! UPDATE: You can read about the result and see the trailer if you go to the Documentary page.
Alina February 2012: I got to see the inside of Place des Arts' new concert hall and not as an audience member (or musician). I was hired to tape the performance of a talented young pianist. Her father operated a camera of his own and I provided the other one. I decided to throw in my DSLR into the mix which remained fixed on the pianist. An audience member agreed to turn it off and on (it was not your big budget multicam shoot as you see). I was then asked to edit the three cameras together and here is the result; Beethoven Piano Concerto No 3. UPDATE: This has led to taping other concerts and with my experiences with GoPros I have developed some ideas about taping performances on a budget.
MoreThanABox October 2011: The documentary I have done about Schluter Systems' sustainable energy efficient office building had a screening at the Greenbuild Expo in Toronto on Oct. 5th. This is my second documentary on the subject matter and I think we are at the point where these great technologies will become common place. If you go to the Documentary page you can learn more and see the trailer along with the complete... UPDATE ...Sorry I can't show the complete documentary online anymore as Films Media Group (after finding it in the Doc Shop at Hot Docs 2012) has picked it up for educational distribution. Here is the catalogue listing: More than a BOX with Windows.
CAMMAC February 2011: For quite a number of years in the summer I have been going to CAMMAC, an organization which promotes amateur music making. It is a great place to go if you sing or play an instrument or just love music. I have recorded a number of the concerts along with some general footage. I edited the material together into a piece called The CAMMAC Sounds of Summer. UPDATE: It was put on the front page of the CAMMAC website and has had almost 3,300 views, not bad considering there are absolutely no scenes with cats playing piano.
Book November 2010: In 2003 my documentary on Griffintown spawned a coffee table book. It went out of print due to the laborious home-based printing workflow needed to print the 600 copies that sold. There has been renewed interest. So with the help of Adobe Indesign, I created a third edition. More pictures and professional printing and no more collating around the kitchen table. More info at: UPDATE: 175 out of the 200 books have been sold and many of the DVDs. Griffintown is a story that still resonates with many interested in local history.
January 2010: I am not really into music videos but I got called and I came. It turn out they needed someone to direct it as well. To see the fruit of our labours click this link Panic Now . I didn't edit it but love how they treated the image.